Lonestar design by Robert Tatum

Lonestar Education

Our Company

LONESTAR Education is a small business based in San Antonio, Texas. Our mission is to serve the community by providing excellent test preparation classes and private tutoring at affordable prices. We emphasize tailoring the technique to fit the student rather than forcing students into a generic mold and pride ourselves on both our flexibility and our success rates. We have helped thousands of students throughout South Texas further their educational and career goals. All of our teachers have extensive teaching experience and are experts in the tests and subjects they teach.

Our Founder

Adam Johnson founded Lonestar Education in order to provide high quality, affordable standardized test preparation to the San Antonio community. He attended Trinity University on a National Merit Scholarship for outstanding performance on the PSAT, graduating with degrees in Biology and English. After teaching for several years for a national test-preparation company, Adam taught English and test-preparation in Valencia, Spain.

Returning to San Antonio, Adam founded Lonestar Education and earned a master's degree in Education with focus on curriculum, instruction, and assessment from the Universtity of Texas at San Antonio. He has consistently scored in the 99th percentile on standardized tests including a 43 on the MCAT, a perfect 1600 on the GRE, and a perfect 180 on the LSAT. He's not only an expert on the tests that he teaches, but also a devoted and energetic instructor who can communicate strategies to help others improve their scores.

Thanks to artist and designer, Robert Tatum, for the Lonestar logo.