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Don't face another class unprepared.

It's often difficult to find the personal attention you need in a large classroom environment. For science and math classes, it sometimes seems like the only solution is to memorize the textbook. Lonestar Education helps students survive the rigors of mass education by providing highly individualized, concept-oriented instruction. We make sure the student understands what's really going on, thus improving both performance and retention.

Our tutors are experts in their fields and are extensively trained in effectively communicating the essentials to students. We tutor high school and undergraduate level science and math. Get a head start and contact us to schedule appointments or ask about other subjects.

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Science Tutoring

We have years of experience helping students in Physics, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Biology. We help students develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals by stressing the conceptualization of ideas rather than the memorization of formulas.

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Mathematics Tutoring

Our success in Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics tutoring comes from an emphasis on understanding the basic concepts. We develop students' visualization and problem solving skills through a guided application of the fundamentals.